Thank you from your winner – Richard!

Hi Everyone!

richardprinceWow! What an amazing two weeks. Without a doubt, I’m A Scientist – Get Me Out of Here has been one of the most enjoyable but exhausting experiences of my career. The competition completely took over my life and although she says she is proud to see me emerge victorious, I think my wife is very relieved that it’s over and she can have me focus on everyday stuff again!

The live chat sessions are insane!  Questions ranged from everyday trivia like “Batman or Superman?” through philosophy and ethics “should doctors be allowed to assist in suicides” to hard-core pharmacology “how are drugs developed?” Now…. imagine trying to handle all three of those questions simultaneously, and fast enough so that your competitors don’t get in there first with a killer answer, and you’ll have some idea what it was like and why it was such fun. Hats off to Gallomanor for devising this format!

Given the quality of the competition I am very surprised that I emerged as winner. Alex, Lesley, Laura and especially runner up Vedia, all deserve huge congratulations for their dedication to the chat sessions and the outstanding quality of their responses to the “Ask” questions. I’m hoping we can continue our “inter-scientist banter” over drinks at the Winter BPS Meeting in London!

Finally, I want to thank the real stars and the real winners of this event: the fantastic students! If the quality of your questions and your ability to talk science with us are any indication, then the STEM subjects in this country have a bright future. Keep up the good work on your A-levels: you guys are the scientists of tomorrow!

Good luck!

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